St Regis Chengdu, Osage Art Consultancy

Architectural building art created for Osage Art Consultancy for the St Regis Chengdu hotel art project.
Working with Osage Art Consultancy, we custom created architectural art for the guest rooms and hotel suites.
Abstract art print in bronze and gold by Alvin Mak. Commissioned by Osage Art Consultancy.
Abstract art print in bronze and gold commissioned by Osage Art Consultancy.
Creating art for the St Regis Chengdu hotel art project with Osage Art Consultancy.
Art Deco-inspired architectural art prints by the dining table.

Projects Details

Osage Art Consultancy commissioned our art studio to custom make wall art for the elegant, 5 star St Regis Hotel in Chengdu, China. The interior design has a sophisticated, art deco style. As part of the client’s design brief, they requested to incorporate the interior style into the artwork. We set about to draft and propose initial ideas that met this requirement but also we wanted to add something extra to make our art unique to this project and location.

We took architectural photographs of the St Regis Hotel building, composed them to create graphical, art deco-inspired designs in bronze tones. We also used art deco details to make abstract fine art prints in gold and bronze colours. Alvin Mak’s series of tailor-made wall decor features throughout all the hotel guestrooms and suites of the St Regis Chengdu.

A paper cut art diptych was also commissioned from Dana Shek. Inspired by the interior design, Dana created a paper cut artwork featuring stylized floral details and abstract art deco elements in metallic gold and bronze papers. This elegant, floral composition is placed at the hotel main lobby.

We have worked on many hotel art projects with the talented consultants at Osage Art Consultancy for many years. Each project comes with a unique design brief and finding a balance between the client, art consultant, and interior designers requirements are both a welcome challenge and also inspiring.