Crowne Plaza Tainan | Large-Scale Installation Art

Large-scale installation art by paper artist Dana Shek.
Large-scale installation art at the main lobby of Crowne Plaza Tainan, Taiwan.
Abstract wall art by Hong Kong paper artist Dana Shek.
"Chroma" is H3 x W10 metres and consists of 50,000 hand curved papers.
Paper art installation by Dana Shek, a Hong Kong based paper artist.
Custom made paper art available in various colours and sizes.

Projects Details

“Chroma”, is a large-scale installation art by paper artist Dana Shek. We received a commission to create an art piece for the hotel lobby of the Crowne Plaza Tainan, Taiwan. We discussed creative ideas about the design direction with Canvas Art Consultants. An art consultancy based in Hong Kong with whom we collaborate on hotel art projects. The design direction was clear from the start. A feature piece inspired by sunset colours.
The hotel interior is modern with a stunning architectural structure in the atrium. The large-scale installation art adds a bold colour highlight to the space. The artwork is H3 x W10 metres and it took 50,000 pieces of paper to create. We soaked and shaped all the papers by hand to create the curves. We spread the artwork over 50 panels for logistical and installation reasons. This labour of love spanned 8 months in the making.
Sourcing the correct papers is important. They need to be acid-free for colour longevity. But also, creating the colour palette is key. Because an ombre effect is a primary element for this artwork. Mixing and matching the various hues of pink and orange is the first step. Then we calculate the quantity per panel. There are 50 panels in total for the large artwork. Also, a 3 panel set at the concierge desk.
We experimented with various ways to curve the paper. Soaking and drying had the desired results. The various papers absorbed water at different rates. So each paper type had its own set of characteristics. They couldn’t be too wet or too dry. We immerse the paper in water, then manipulate by hand. Adding curves here and there. When left to dry, the papers keep their form and shape. Finally, we apply them to the canvas.
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