Halekulani Okinawa | Hotel Art

Seashell themed hotel art for Halekulani Okinawa, Japan.
Origami-inspired modern paper cut art for the villas and suites.
Modern paper cut and folded art on white paper by Urban Impressions.
"Spiral" paper cut and folded art. The shadows shift as day changes to evening.
Modern, origami paper cut and paper folding art by Dana Shek.
"Spiral" seashell-inspired cut out on white paper by Dana Shek.
Ocean waves inspired hotel art by art supplier Urban Impressions.
"Aqua" custom made, double-layered paper cut by Alvin Mak.
Custom made paper cut art for hotels and spas.
Our artworks are placed throughout the villas, suites and rooms.

Projects Details

Urban Impressions created modern, sea-inspired hotel art pieces for this stunning beach resort. Halekulani Okinawa is a new 5-star hotel with beautiful coastal views. It is located in the Okinawa Kaigan Quasi-National Park in Onna Village. The surrounding cliffs, beaches and ocean create a paradise atmosphere. The design takes Halekulani’s identity concept of “Seven Shades of White”. The interior design is contemporary and luxurious with muted tones.

The art consultant described the interior designer’s vision for the hotel. It was important to include the stunning, natural habitat in the artwork. The subject matter would be in line with the coastal theme. We also had to balance the “Seven Shades of White” concept when brainstorming our own ideas. Origami paper folding was a reference point for art technique.

We looked at the types of greenery around the park, sea life and ocean waves. After a few sketches, a direction chosen and we went on to create hotel art pieces for the mock-up rooms. We experimented with different types of paper cutting and folding techniques.

“Spiral” draws inspiration from seashell patterns. They are beautiful, mathematical puzzles. Dana translated these details into an organic and contemporary paper cut. The folded cuts pop up to catch the light and create shadows. The shadows shift throughout the day.

“Aqua” draws influence from the ripple, foam and currents of the ocean. When waves overlap and the currents meet. Alvin designed this artwork in 2 layers to create the feeling of overlapping waves. This artwork is an abstract interpretation of these mesmerizing water movements.

Our art pieces are placed in the suites and guestrooms.