Hotel Jen Brisbane | Hospitality Art

Hospitality art and decor for Hotel Jen Brisbane, Australia.
Custom made hotel lobby art by Dana Shek.
Hospitality art for Shangri-La Resorts and Hotels.
Hospitality art for Shangri-La Resorts and Hotels.

Projects Details

We provided hospitality art for the newly revamped Hotel Jen in Brisbane, Australia. It was a Traders Hotel which the Shangri-La Hotel Group re-branded. It has a stylish interior design with all the modern comforts. The 4-star hotel is located in a tourist area and near Queens Park.

We discuss with the design team about the vision of the hotel. The interior design is retro-inspired with a contemporary edge. Dark wood and muted tones feature throughout the interior. The brand speaks of minimalism and simple comforts without fuss. With this in mind, the reception area needed artwork to tie all the interior design elements together. We proposed a single, large artwork behind the reception desk. The colours would work in harmony with the space.

Dana creates her “Travel by Light” series using light painting. This technique involves drawing with light tools in front of a camera. The colours and size of the art piece are customised for the project. The upward movements of the artwork and vibrant colours add a sense of energy to the interior.

Urban Impressions has a diverse portfolio of wall art and 3D sculptures. We provide hospitality art for international hotel projects.