Andaz Xintiandi Shanghai | Art for Hotels

Art for hotels designed and created by Urban Impressions art studio.
Custom made art prints for Andaz Xintiandi Shanghai, China.
Chinese paper cut in pop art colours for the hotel Andaz Xintiandi Shanghai.
"Papyrus", Chinese paper cutting meets pop art.
Custom made art for hotel rooms and suites.
Decor and art for hotel rooms and suites.
Art deco pattern and antique Chinese furniture art print by Dana Shek.
Art deco and Chinese furniture inspired art print by Dana Shek.

Projects Details

Urban Impressions has created and produced art for hotels since 2005. We have worked with various art consultants and project teams. For this hotel project, we worked with Osage Art Consultancy. We created a series of artworks specific to Andaz Xintiandi Shanghai. A modern, art deco-inspired 5-star boutique hotel. Located in the lifestyle and entertainment district of downtown Shanghai.

After initial design discussions, we begin to research and brainstorm concepts. When creating art for hotels, we always start with a study of the area and history. Much of our inspiration originates from this source. This way, we also design artwork that is locale-specific and unique to the project. Xintiandi is a fusion of Shikumen (stone gate) houses and modern architectural design. The two opposite styles give a taste of 1920’s Shanghai and 21st-century urban lifestyle. The ex-French concession area is revamping into a modern lifestyle and entertainment district. It provides a contrast of 18th century against the 21st century. The elements of east and western culture meet with the old and the new.

The art consultant and design team had artistic input. They wanted art deco, pop art mixed with traditional Chinese. We had to balance this to create a cohesive story for the artwork. In the end, the element of contrast and marrying the old with the new would be the running theme. We found inspiration in the traditional craft of Chinese paper cutting. Playing with bright, pop colours gives the art a modern edge. It is also a characteristic of pop art. We also drew inspiration from Chinese antique furniture and art deco patterns. Composing silhouettes of traditional furniture against art deco style patterns. For the public areas, we photographed street scenes and urban details of the area.

Our artwork can be found throughout the suites, hotel rooms, restaurants and public spaces.