Andaz Hotel Shanghai, Art for Hotels

Art for hotels created and produced by Hong Kong art studio
Creating and producing art for hotels tailored to the design brief.
Abstract art for hotels custom designed and produced by Dana Shek of Urban Impressions.
Set of colourful, abstract art prints on paper by Dana Shek.
Chinese paper cut with a pop art influence. Our creative studio designs decor and art for hotels.
Chinese paper cut fine art prints with a pop art twist in the hotel guestrooms.

Projects Details

Urban Impressions has created and produced art for hotels since 2005. We have worked with various art consultants and project teams. For this hotel project, we worked with Osage Art Consultancy.

We created a series of fine art prints inspired by pop art and Chinese paper cuts for the Andaz Hotel. This is a 5-star boutique hotel in Xintiandi, a landmark lifestyle and entertainment district in the heart of downtown Shanghai.

The design brief was intriguing and after brainstorming concepts, we set to research further. The ex-French concession revamped lifestyle and entertainment district was a contrast of 18th century against the 21st century. To parallel the context, the artistic brief was to marry the elements of east and western culture, with the old and the new.

We studied the area, a fusion of antique Shikumen (stone gate) houses on narrow alleys and modern architectural design. Two opposite styles which give a taste of 1920’s Shanghai and 21st-century urban lifestyle. Xintiandi is split into 2 areas, the south which is a modern metropolis and in contrast the north is Shikumen buildings with city comforts.

Putting our creative hats on, we experimented with different possible concepts. We wanted to give the age-old craft of Chinese paper cutting a contemporary edge with a play on the neon, bright colours which are characteristic of pop art. This lead to the series “Papyrus” hotel art prints which were placed in the hotel rooms and suites. We drew inspiration from the old and new architectural elements of Xintiandi and the hip, modern design of Andaz Hotel to create further artwork to reflect this diversity.