Reverie | Video Art

Art Details

“Reverie”, video art by Hong Kong-based visual artist Alvin Mak. These art videos are an abstraction of the psychological void, between the conscious and sub-conscious. It explores the inner workings of the mind. The process of imagination begins with the forming of raw and incomplete fragments of ideas. The raw data is sculpted and transformed by the consciousness, grown and combined into complex ideas, or is left to dissipate into the void, to make room for the next thought. The process of mental synthesis is abstracted in the artwork.

Viewers are invited to watch and join the meditative video. The moving organic and abstract forms aim to remove conscious thoughts and to encourage the mind to wander.

This video art is an evolution from Alvin’s water photography series “Victoria Dreaming”. This is a study of the Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong which started in 2002. As Alvin wished to re-interpret his fascination with waves and water reflections, he created “Ripple”, sculptural wall art.