“Travel By Light”, Abstract Art Prints

Modern, abstract art prints from Hong Kong art studio Urban Impressions.

"Travel By Light 1428" photography and digital giclee print.

Abstract art prints for hotel, offices, homes and commercial art projects.

"Travel By Light 1419" in orange and yellow colours.

Bright, abstract art prints on canvas or paper by Dana Shek.

"Travel By Light 1422", modern and colourful abstract art print.

Abstract art prints by Dana Shek, multi-media artist from Urban Impressions art studio.

"Travel By Light 1420", abstract art prints available on paper or canvas.

Artwork by Dana Shek.

This series grew and changed over the course of more than 10 years. Light painting as a topic draws great appeal and the many techniques and ways to express this subject keep Dana inspired. She continually returns to develop this style further. The original artworks were literal, dance-like movements. After seeing the aurora borealis in Canada, Dana created these abstract art prints to be minimal and very much focused on the subtlety of movement.

Dana experiments with light painting photography and digital art to create these contemporary, sleek artworks. The streaks of light have a special quality that is polished and energetic. She examines various movements to paint light onto the photographs. The images are composited together to complete the artwork with a play on colour, harmony, contrast, shadow, and light. The result is a collection of artworks that capture movement and energy.