Orb | Sculpture Artist

Sculpture artist Alvin Mak creates abstract sculptures for offices, restaurants and hotel projects.
Custom made sculptures for hotel, office and residential projects.
Resin sculptures by sculpture artist Alvin Mak from Urban Impressions Art Studio.
"Orb 13002", these can be free-standing large sculptures or smaller sizes to fit on consoles.
Sculpture artist Alvin Mak, abstract sculpture for offices and restaurants.
"Orb 13004", black plated resin sculpture by sculpture artist Alvin Mak.

Art Details

Alvin Mak is a visual artist and sculpture artist. The “Orb” series are abstract sculptures created from resin with a black plating finish.

These art objects explore minimal geometry with a retro vibe, playing on gentle curves and smooth contours. These sculptures can be a single, stand-alone art piece which can add a modern accent to any interior setting. When displayed as a group in various shapes and sizes, there is an interesting aesthetic and balance created. The sculptures are custom made to order and the size can be tailored. They can be small sculptures for consoles and tabletops. As well as large-scale, free-standing sculptural pieces for hotel lobbies, clubhouses and restaurants. These sculptures are also available in stainless steel with a high gloss, mirror finish or brushed, matte finish. Resin is a robust material making them suitable as outdoor art such as sculptures for swimming pools and gardens. The “Orb” series can also be placed at the porte-cochere vehicle entranceway of hotels or residential areas.

The Chinachem Group commissioned a collection of these “Orb” sculptures for their residential project University Heights in Kennedy Town, Hong Kong. The size was customised to the clients’ project requirements. There was also a request to hollow the sculpture to incorporate their intercom system. As a sculpture artist, this is the first time adapting to this type of practical application. Within our creative development, we have a strong client-orientated process. So balancing the aesthetics with the projects practical requirements is important. Working with the design and technical team, we collaborated to bring and art and technology together.  In the end, a beautiful and functional art object was created.

We have created bespoke art and sculptures for various international projects since 2005. Our portfolio includes art in a range of styles and mediums. We also work to specific art briefs. Get in touch to discuss your art project needs.