“Ripple”, Metal Wall Sculpture

Stainless steel metal wall sculpture created by Alvin Mak, a sculptor based in Hong Kong.

Minimalist metal wall sculpture for art projects.

Metal wall sculpture inspired by ocean waves. Designed by Hong Kong art studio Urbanimpressions.

Mirror finish, stainless steel wall relief.

is this working?

Large scale wall art inspired by water ripples.

Wall art by Alvin Mak.

After years of creative work based on the study of the Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong, Alvin recreated his “Victoria Dreaming” water photography into three-dimensional wall reliefs. The kinetics of the waves are sketched, photographed and made into 3D computer models to machine a seed model. The seed is replicated into a hard resin, from which stainless steel is fabricated and polished to a mirror finish. The result is wall sculpture which mirrors and reflects light like a piece of the ocean wave. It brings the ripples into the interior and encourages viewer interaction.

Metal wall sculpture, art decor and artifacts art custom made for hotels, restaurants, clubhouses and private residences. Urban Impressions art and design studio have created artwork for commercial projects in Hong Kong, China, Japan, Australia, and international locations.