Foliage | Paper Cutting Art

Floral paper cutting art in gold with transparent paper.
"Foliage 1", transparent paper cutting on gold.
Nature design wall art by paper artist Alvin Mak.
"Foliage 2", nature design cut with white and pink papers.
White and gold botanical wall art by Alvin Mak.
"Foliage 3", customisable botanical wall art.
Floral wall art on white and pink paper by Alvin Mak.
"Foliage 2", close up view of paper cut art.
Close up detail of paper cutting art by Alvin Mak.
"Foliage 3", close up detail of cut out leaves.

Art Details

“Foliage”, paper cutting art by Alvin Mak, a Hong Kong-based artist. Botanical gardens and nature parks are always on my agenda when travelling. Even in the city, where my art series began, I am drawn to the trees around Hong Kong. Often noting down their locations to return with my camera or when the lighting is more suitable. My nature photography captures the lush and colourful scenes in a maximalist style. Progressing on, my paper cut artworks, take a minimal approach. The artworks are in white with pink and gold colour highlights.

Although my designs are minimalist, I wanted to bring together a variety of leaf shapes. For my first drafts, I am cutting on various papers to learn how the cut leaves would fall forward. When the paper is too stiff there is no movement and when the paper is too soft, it becomes very flimsy. After a few iterations, I found the correct weight of paper to use. A paper that would allow my cut out leaves to look close to how a real leaf would curve. In my experimentation, I came across an interesting transparent paper. After cutting, it created beautiful layers and shadows. Since the paper was thinner, I re-designed my botanical theme. The leaf shapes re-imagined to include the unique characteristics of the material. “Foliage 1” shows this transparent cut out paper on a gold background. The layering is very subtle and elegant.

My paper cutting art is available for customisation. I can work to an art brief with a specific design, size and colour. Our art studio works with art consultants and interior designers in Hong Kong, China and international locations. We established Urban Impressions in 2005 and have experience working on private and commercial projects. Whether you need art for hotels, offices or homes, we are happy to discuss your needs.