Phoenix Garden | Paper Cut Art

Paper cut art of feathers and flowers by British artist Dana Shek.
Large paper cut art of feathers and flowers.
Papercutting of flowers and feathers by Hong Kong artist Dana Shek.
Art commissions are available for projects.
Paper cut art of bird wings, feathers and flowers by Dana Shek.
Paper art commission for MGM, Macau. 4 panels total size H180 x 350 cm.

Art Details

“Phoenix Garden”, paper cut art by Dana Shek, a British artist based in Hong Kong. I have an impression of a phoenix garden which gradually takes shape and form as I start to cut paper. The act of paper cutting, for me, has a meditative quality so my way of working tends to be organic. I’ll have an idea for the overall composition but each cut is decided at that precise moment. For the final touch, I added paper feathers to create more depth and shadow in the overall artwork. Paper seems to be a very basic material but it is incredibly versatile which is why I love to use it for my paper cut art.