Chroma | Paper Art Installation

Paper art installation by Dana Shek, a Hong Kong based paper artist.
Custom made paper art available in various colours and sizes.
Paper art installation by UK artist Dana Shek.
Hand sculpted papers on canvas.
Paper art installation by Hong Kong artist Dana Shek.
Papers are stacked to create light and shadow play.
Paper art installation at the hotel lobby of Crowne Plaza Tainan.
3 x 10 metre paper art installation at the Crowne Plaza Tainan, Taipei.

Art Details

“Chroma”, a paper art installation by Dana Shek. The paper work focuses on a play of colour and the effect of shadow and lighting. To create an ombre effect, choosing the right balance of colours are key. They are then cut to size, dipped in water and sculpted by hand to create curved shapes.

The paper has a depth of 5cm which creates shadows when stacking them together. The artwork changes when you view it from one side to the other. The tones, shades and shadows shift. This artwork emulates the subtle transition between light and shadow. In this sense, the artwork has a subtle interactive quality.

When sourcing the paper, finding the right balance of colours and hues are important. This creates a gradual colour change from one shade to the next. The amount of paper and colours required are then calculated for each panel. By wetting the paper and then curving by hand, they keep their shape while drying. The final step is to adhere them to the canvas.

These artworks have a tactile quality to them because it is rich in texture and colour. When stacked together, the combined surface is quite strong. Paper seems to be a simple, everyday material. But the range of applications is vast. The textures, patterns and colours alone can be a source of inspiration. For this series, colour is the main element.

The papers are available in a wide range of colours. So the artwork can have a different mood when it is yellow or red for example. To use a single colour is also interesting and would suit a contemporary design. By adding the artwork to your interior, you can set the mood or atmosphere.

Dana is a British paper artist based in Hong Kong. See an art video showing the process and making of her large paper art installation for the Crowne Plaza Tainan, Taiwan. This artwork is H3 x W10metres and it is a feature piece at the hotel lobby.