Sierra | Modern Gold Sculpture

Modern gold sculpture series inspired by mountains and landscapes.
Modern, gold sculptures inspired by mountains.
Modern gold sculpture for offices and hotels.
"Sierra 16007", stainless steel art object.
Modern gold sculpture by Hong Kong artist Alvin Mak.
"Sierra 16006", our sculptures are available in a range of sizes.

Art Details

“Sierra”, modern, gold sculpture and art objects by Alvin Mak. Mountain ranges are the source of inspiration for this series. When the sun falls onto the rock face, the shadows cast are dramatic. I wanted to capture that sense of drama and contrast. So I thought about what shapes and materials could re-create this.

After some initial sketches, I decided to play with a faceted shape. This way I can create volume and an interesting rock form. Light and contrast are important, so I chose to use stainless steel. When polished, it can absorb and reflect light and the surrounding interior.

I re-work my ideas in a 3D modelling programme. Here I refine the form and each facet and curve. From there, I machine a foam prototype from my files. The prototype is then sent to a metal workshop that I collaborate with. We work closely together to bring my drawings to life. This work process allows for my sculptures to be very close to the original design.

My art can display as large sculptures for offices and hotels. But also as smaller sizes to display on desks or consoles. They are available as single pieces or as a collection. I find it intriguing how art can create or change the mood of a room. A modern, gold sculpture in the right setting can enhance an interior or space. Even playing on the scale gives the sculpture a different personality.

“Sierra” is also available in clear resin material. Click Sierra | Clear Resin Sculpture to see more.

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