Urban Abstractions | Hong Kong Photographer

Urban photographs of buildings by Hong Kong photographer Alvin Mak.
"Urban Abstractions 14004", urban photography for modern interiors.
City photography of reflections by Hong Kong photographer Alvin Mak.
"Urban Abstractions 14003" urban scenes of architecture and reflections.
Abstract photography by Hong Kong photographer Alvin Mak.
"Turbulence of White" black and white photography.

Art Details

“Urban Abstractions” by Hong Kong photographer, Alvin Mak. Modern photography of urban city scenes around Hong Kong. Captured in abstract, graphical compositions. This collection progressed from the exploration of the first photographic series “Urban Impressions”. While that series drew material from street activities and daily life. This abstract photographic series takes a more graphical approach to examine the city.

Every place has a unique brand of look and feel. A few tell-tale details often trigger the memory of the larger context. Hong Kong is a special place. It contains a concentrated blend of structures from various eras. I am thrilled to see the wide variety of elements. The diversity allows great freedom to tune the tones, texture and composition.

Alvin is a Hong Kong photographer and visual artist. He is available for an art commission and experienced working with design teams on projects.