Bloom | Floral Art Prints

Floral art prints in yellow and turquoise by Hong Kong photographer Alvin Mak.
Custom made floral art prints for hotels, offices and restaurants.
Floral art prints by visual artist Alvin Mak.
Chrysanthemum flower photography by Alvin Mak.
Abstract floral art prints for offices, restaurants and spas.
Flower, colour and size can be customized.

Art Details

“Bloom” floral art prints by Alvin Mak. Alvin chooses his flowers based on the density of their petals. In this collection, he photographs oriental flowers such as the orchid and chrysanthemum. He also captures European flowers like the gerbera and lisianthus. These have the most detail and layering when photographing close up.

Alvin composes his flowers with a view to revealing the rich layers of petals. Shadow and lighting are set up to create the least contrast. Finding the most concentration of petals to capture using a large depth of field. In doing so, the flower appears flattened and looks more like a graphical design. In the making of these floral art prints, the photographs are 1 part in Alvin’s creative process. He includes hand-drawn markings and paper textures to add more richness to his pieces. Colour blocking is also used to add a certain mood to each design. Alvin also plays with scale, choosing close up details of the flower for large scale art prints. He chooses muted colours or harmonious colour pairings for a minimal style.

The Mandarin Oriental Taipei commissioned Alvin’s “Bloom” series. The art prints are placed throughout the hotel suites and rooms. These floral artworks can be custom made to colour and size. The type of flowers photographed can also be chosen to suit the space and design brief.