Loop I Colourful Sculpture

Colourful sculpture in a spiral shape with a turquoise finish by Alvin Mak.
"Loop 16007", colourful sculpture with a turquoise paint finish.
Red artwork in a contemporary design by Alvin Mak.
"Loop 16008", modern sculpture in red. Colours can be customised.
Decor and accessories for restaurants and offices.
"Loop", red and gold set of freestanding sculptures.
Modern, yellow sculpture made from resin by Alvin Mak.
"Loop 16006", bright yellow sculpture suitable for modern interiors.

Art Details

“Loop”, colourful sculpture by Hong Kong artist Alvin Mak. These resin-made sculptures can be custom made to size and colour. As these have a paint finish, we can work from a Pantone colour code. This ensures an artwork that is specific to your interior design project.

Having access to a full-colour library opens up many possibilities. A colourful sculpture can be hip and fresh when it is bright yellow. Or the same sculpture in white can feel minimal and zen. Sculptures, art objects and artwork can define a space. These sculptures can be a range of colours and sizes. From small to fit on consoles and desks. As well a freestanding, large-scale sculpture in a hotel lobby or office space. Depending on your requirements, we can propose suitable artwork for your art project.

“Loop” refers to the aesthetics as much as the iterative thought process. Each abstract sculpture evolves into its final form. Imagine a loop forming but then you erase, re-draw and then change it again. A shape of rock may form in the mind. It then melts into a ring of smoke, a bubble ring underwater, or even a ring of mercury floating in mid-air. The sculptural form will twist and swirl while it sails through space. This results in an organic shape that varies along the length and flows into itself.

Alvin continues to explore the loop in different shapes and forms. It is an ongoing series that has evolved since the start. This collection is also available in stainless steel. A material that is suitable for outdoor sculpture display. Click Loop | Abstract Sculpture to see more.