Travel By Light | Colourful Abstract Art

Colourful abstract art in green, orange and yellow by Dana Shek.
"Travel By Light 1422", modern, colourful wall art.
Minimal art in black, gold and white by Hong Kong artist Dana Shek.
"Travel By Light 1420", abstract art prints on paper or canvas.
Ombre art print in a modern, circle composition.
"Travel By Light 1419" ombre red colours in a circle composition.
Colourful abstract art in purple, orange and pink colours by Dana Shek.
"Travel By Light 1428", aurora borealis inspired art print.

Art Details

“Travel By Light”, colourful, abstract art prints by Dana Shek. I saw the aurora borealis while travelling through Canada. It was a green shimmer, glowing and moving across the sky. It is this subtle movement and quiet energy that I wanted to re-create. To do this, I decided to keep my compositions abstract and minimal. This way I can bring more attention to colour, contrast, shadow, and light.

My artwork series began as photographic light paintings. I would paint with torches and other homemade light tools in front of the camera. For more control, I moved on to create my artwork digitally. This way I can fine-tune the flow from one colour to the next. To create an ombre effect and play on light and dark tones. As well as the weight of movement from one area to another.

Working digitally also means my abstract art prints can be 100% customised. I can create an ombre effect which is vibrant and energetic like “Travel By Light 1422”. Or a mellow, monochrome artwork in muted tones such as “Travel By Light 1420”.

I received a commission for a corporate art project. Fidessa is a trading and investment company with offices worldwide. Their Hong Kong office was in need of colourful wall art. Their interior design was modern and minimal. They chose my colourful, abstract art for placement at the reception area and meeting rooms.

This style of art is suitable for many interiors such as offices, restaurants or hotels. These digital art prints are available on art paper and canvas. These substrates are archival and so are the printing inks.