Sierra | Clear Resin Sculpture

Clear resin sculpture of mountains by Alvin Mak.
"Sierra 16001", 3 views of Alvin Mak's clear resin sculpture.
Resin sculptures are suitable for outdoor sculpture parks.
Resin sculptures are suitable for outdoor sculpture parks.
Clear mountain sculpture by Hong Kong artist Alvin Mak.
Mountain sculpture suitable for swimming pool display.

Art Details

“Sierra”, clear resin sculpture by Alvin Mak. In a snowy mountain scene, the landscape is minimal. It’s as if one is looking at a high contrast black and white photograph. This series is a continuation of Sierra | Modern Gold Sculpture. These are available in stainless steel. While the gold sculptures are almost geometric, hard-edged forms. I wanted to create clear resin sculptures with a focus on a more subtle and abstract form. I like the idea of a large scale sculpture made of clear resin, somehow it feels light and curious.

First, I consider the glass-like nature of the resin and begin sketching shapes. Playing with volume and contours was the direction I decided to take. After a few iterations, I wanted to include the rolling hills and curves of a mountain. When viewing the clear sculpture, the environment warps and bends into the contours. In this sense, this art piece is interactive and site-specific. Each new interior or space the sculpture is in will bring forward new imagery.

Using a 3D modelling programme, my drawings are further developed. Here, I refine the mountain shape and curves to best express my idea. I also consider the qualities and characteristics of the clear resin. From my files, I make a foam prototype and it’s a very accurate model. I collaborate with a metal workshop and we work together at each stage to bring my sculpture to life. With my 3D files and prototype, my designs are an exact interpretation. This is important when designing bespoke art for commissions and commercial projects.

Resin is a robust material and suitable for outdoor display and sculpture parks. They can also be put in a swimming pool, spa and treatment room environments. Get in touch to discuss your project requirements.