Ink | Chinese Ink Painting

Chinese ink painting in black and red by Dana Shek.
"Ink 1229", minimal ink painting in black and red.
Chinese ink painting in black and white by Dana Shek.
"Ink 1225", black and white ink art print.
Chinese ink painting art print on canvas by Dana Shek.
"Ink 1236", six panel Chinese ink painting art print on canvas.
Chinese ink painting for restaurants, offices and hotels.
"Ink 1219", giclee art print on paper or canvas.
Chinese ink painting in black and gold by Dana Shek.
"Ink 1604", black and gold ink painting art print on rice paper.

Art Details

“Ink”, Chinese ink painting on paper and canvas by Dana Shek. When observing the art of Chinese calligraphy, I focus on the expression and feeling. Grass script calligraphy is the style that I draw inspiration from. I appreciate the cursive, fluid qualities and expressive brush strokes.

When creating my ink art, the type of mood to convey is the first consideration. What type of techniques would I use to create an energetic ink painting? Would a minimalist, zen art piece need a different approach?

Using Chinese ink and brush tools, I paint with traditional techniques. This includes using a dry brush to form controlled brush strokes and foreground details. There is also the wet on wet painting method which I use for the background. For finer details, there are modern ink painting methods for mark making. Such as creating textures using crumpled paper and any found objects for that matter. This experimental stage is always exciting as it produces unexpected results.

My paintings are digitally mixed and paired to create contemporary ink art compositions. These are available as fine art prints on rice paper, watercolour paper or canvas. These high-quality giclee prints are very close to the original artworks. “Ink” is a series that I return to often as I discover and learn new Chinese ink painting techniques.

I created a bespoke collection of Chinese ink paintings for the Shangri-la Group. My large-scale art prints are on display in the Kerry Centre Hotel, Beijing, China. They are in the ballroom, function areas and pubic spaces.

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