Vase | Art for Restaurants

Modern art for restaurants by Dana Shek of Urban Impressions.
Modern art prints inspired by vases from the Ming and Ching dynasties.
Metal cut out art for restaurants, showrooms and show flats by art studio Urban Impressions.
Made to order metal cut out art by Alvin Mak and Dana Shek.
Modern wall art of traditional Chinese vases and vessels by Hong Kong artist Dana Shek.
Chinese vases with contemporary patterns and colours.
Japanese art print for Japanese restaurants and modern homes.
Japanese art print created with ink and watercolour on paper.

Art Details

“Vase”, modern decor and art for restaurants. Digital art prints by visual artist Dana Shek. Metal cut out vase by Hong Kong artist Alvin Mak and Dana Shek.

As the series title suggests, these artworks take inspiration from Chinese vases. In particular traditional Chinese antiques from the Ching and Ming dynasties. These vase shapes are iconic and have strong characteristics from those eras. We want to give our collection a contemporary twist to balance the traditional. We combine the vase silhouettes with modern patterns. Playing with floral motifs and all-over geometric designs.

For the metal cut out, because it is a modern interpretation of a vase we decided to use a traditional Chinese pattern. The metal decor features a dragon, flower and butterfly design. This is a UV print on stainless steel.

We accept artist commissions for residential and commercial projects. The subject, colour and size are custom made. This way, all our projects receive art which is unique to the interior and client. Whether it is art for restaurants, homes or show flats, feel free to get in touch with your project.