Loop | Abstract Sculpture

Abstract sculpture made from stainless steel by Alvin Mak.
"Loop 15009", stainless steel sculpture. Customisable size.
Large abstract scupture for offices and restaurants.
"Loop 15007", large scale sculpture for hotels and offices.
Silver abstract sculpture by Alvin Mak of Urban Impressions.
"Loop 15002", silver, abstract sculpture on a stand.
Silver abstract sculpture by Hong Kong artist Alvin Mak.
"Loop 15010", contemporary sculpture with a mirror finish.

Art Details

“Loop”, abstract sculpture by Hong Kong artist Alvin Mak. Sculptures, art objects and artwork can define a space. Playing with scale already gives the sculpture a different personality. These sculptures are custom made to size and order. They can be a large-scale outdoor sculpture, displayed in gardens or by hotel pools. On a smaller scale, within homes or show flats, they can sit on desks or with a book collection. Whatever your art requirements, get in touch to discuss more. We can propose suitable artwork for your project.

These sculptures are stainless steel and sit on a black metal base. They can also be freestanding without a base. The surface is available in a brushed, matte finish or mirror finish. The matte finish has a softer reflective quality. Polishing the metal beyond this gives it a mirror finish. This effect adds an extra depth and almost interactive element to the art. Because the environment and the viewer are being mirrored. So every angle creates a different reflection.

Loop refers to the aesthetics as much as the iterative thought process. Each abstract sculpture evolves into its final form. Imagine a loop forming but then you erase, re-draw and then change it again. A shape of rock may form in the mind. It then melts into a ring of smoke, a bubble ring underwater, or even a ring of mercury floating in mid-air. The sculptural form will twist and swirl while it sails through space. This results in an organic shape that varies along the length and flows into itself.

This series is an ongoing study of the loop shape. See colourful, resin made contemporary sculptures here Loop | Colourful Sculpture.