Victoria Dreaming | Abstract Photography

Abstract photography of water reflections by Alvin Mak.
"Victoria Dreaming 01", photography of Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong.
Water photography by Alvin Mak, a Hong Kong photographer.
"Victoria Dreaming 02", custom made art for modern interiors.
Pastel digital art in blue and pink by Alvin Mak.
"Victoria Dreaming 03" colourful, digital art. Size is customisable.
Fine art print of water ripples in blue, black and gold colours.
"Victoria Dreaming 04" atmospheric photography of water.
Blue and orange water artwork by Alvin Mak.
"Victoria Dreaming 05" large wall art perfect for public spaces.

Art Details

“Victoria Dreaming”, abstract photography by Alvin Mak. Each art project requires a certain look and feel. My photographs are available in most sizes. To a certain extent, colour revision is possible to meet your artwork brief.

My photography is an ongoing exploration of Hong Kong that began in 2002. It is a study of the Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong. In particular its waves, reflection and interaction with the environment. To do this, I observe the harbour at many locations. Such as along the coast, and under various lighting and weather conditions. The imagery is formless as the shifting water bends the light. This allows for abstract and minimal photographs which I am aiming to capture.

One technique I use is shooting at slower speeds. This creates a smooth overlapping of shadows and colours. The contrast and lighting are what I am focusing on when composing. At certain locations, the environment adds colour and patterns to the water. Such as reflections of buildings, trees or billboards. When I pan the camera, this creates a different capture. It’s like painting with light. The resulting photography has a painterly aesthetic. Often there is an element of surprise because I am drawing blind. Yet, that is part of the experience and I am yielding exciting and unexpected images.

This series of abstract photography displays as single pieces or as multi-panels. The multi-panels on a larger scale express the flow, movement and emotion of each scene. Victoria Harbour has gone through a physical change since my initial observations.

Today, the harbour has changed shape and size from land reclamation projects. Along the shoreline, there is a gradual change as well. With the concrete face around the harbour evolving over time. Even my personal aesthetics and intent changed. Now, I am seeking more minimal and abstract ways of expression.