What We Do

Hong Kong artist Alvin Mak and British artist Dana Shek established Urban Impressions in 2005. Our Hong Kong based visual art studio creates bespoke art for private and commercial clients. We balance both the artistic and practical needs for your project. This helps facilitate a fluid collaboration from concept stage to final creation. Above all, we create art that is made specifically for you and your space.

We collaborate with art consultants, interior designers, hotel groups and property developers. Our artwork and sculptures have been commissioned for 5-star hotels in Hong Kong, Macau, and China. We are also part of art collections for private and commercial projects in Japan, Australia, Britain, Turkey, and other international locations.

Are you interested to collaborate and commission art? Whatever your artwork needs, you can get in touch to discuss your project.

Alvin Mak

Alvin comes from a family of engineers, he went on to study mechanical engineering at Queens University in Canada. “My mother gave me a camera when I was a child and it became my artistic outlet. Because of this and my creative curiosity, becoming a full-time artist was a natural transition. At first, I started photographing Hong Kong street life and urban scenes. But then I was soon drawn to more abstract aesthetics. This lead to photographing more graphical details of the city and investigations into new materials.” Alvin’s portfolio of work includes photography, digital art, sculptures, art objects, laser cutting as well as paper cutting.

Dana Shek

Dana moved to Hong Kong after graduating from Loughborough University School of Art and Design, UK. She was an art consultant and gallery manager before pursuing a career as a visual artist. “When I studied Multi-Media Textile Design it was the process of making which I enjoy the most. Although working in the art industry was an invaluable experience, after nearly a decade, I was at a turning point. In the end, it was time to make art again.” Because of Dana’s textile art background, she is drawn to colour, texture as well as tactile materials. Her work includes textile art, paper art, paper cutting, paper collage, and also digital art.

Art Commissions