Photographs of Hong Kong, Contemporary Photography, Urban Impressions

Abstract photograph of children running in Tsimshatsui
Hong Kong Photography by Alvin Mak
Motion photograph of Mong Kok market

“Rush Hour”, Photography of Hong Kong Street Scenes by Dana Shek

Photograph of Bird Cages in Hong kong

“Patchwork Wall, Tai Wong St East”, Street Photography by Dana Shek

Photograph of Workers on Bamboo Scaffolding

“Workers on Scaffolding”, Photography by Alvin Mak

Photograph of Causeway Bay Pedestrian Crossing

“Crossing Causeway Bay II”, Contemporary Photographs of Hong Kong by Alvin Mak

Motion photograph of Connaught Road, Hong Kong

“Connaught Traffic”, Photographs of Hong Kong by Alvin Mak

“Urban Impressions” is an eclectic collection of Hong Kong street photography. Originally from UK, Dana explores Hong Kong with curiosity. She finds inspiration in the mundane discovered from markets to street scenes. She photographs quiet, still life compositions and hopes to offer the viewer room to enjoy scenes that may otherwise go unobserved in the everyday city chaos.

“Making the move from Ashbourne, a country town in UK, to Hong Kong was an exciting transition. The contrast in human traffic, high rises and fast pace took some adjusting to but I soon fell into the current of the city. I was at first in awe of the monolithic architecture and skyline, and then the pockets of old districts which had a slower and familiar momentum. My photographs initially began as a visual diary of a new city but it was also an introduction to street photography which I was immediately drawn to.” Dana Shek

Whereas Dana is intrigued by her new surroundings, Alvin examines the metabolism of his native city by photographing his neighbourhood. His photographs create tension in compositions of time and motion. The panned photographs and cityscapes create varying moods. Alvin’s search for the livelier side of life led to the observation of the social and visual qualities of Hong Kong.

“I was working the usual long, Hong Kong hours and wished to photograph my neighborhood for memory. I wanted the images to really stick, and worked to visualize my memory of the city. The rushing crowd and traffic taught me to look at the city as a combined chain of events.” Alvin Mak Dana and Alvin often shoot at the same locations but are drawn to different elements. They find common ground in this series of street photography.

“Urban Impressions” Photographs of Hong Kong by Alvin Mak & Dana Shek