Modern Art, Contemporary Art, Cognizance

Modern art print created with dots
Modern Art, "Cognizance 10009"
Modern artwork made using paint spots and dots

“Cognizance 11007″ Mixed Media Print

Purple, teal and yellow abstract art

“Cognizance 10010″ Mixed Media Print by Alvin Mak

Dot art in yellow and teal colours

“Cognizance 12002″ Mixed Media Print

This collection of modern art prints is created using layers upon layers of hand painted textures such as Chinese ink brush strokes and experimental splatter techniques. The dense layering and painterly marks has a rich, detailed mottled effect similar to pointillism or dot art. The changing colour and mood of the four seasons inspire the colour palette for this series. “Cognizance 12002″ has colour bursts of spring in varying tones of red, orange and teal. “Cognizance 10009″ welcomes in autumn season with warm, golden tones over a cool, emerging colour field of browns, black and greys with teal highlights. We received a commission for “Cognizance” to be created specifically for the hotel art project Kerry Centre Hotel in Beijing, China. The property developer and hotel group had re-designed their interiors and wanted to bring a final touches with our contemporary art.