Minimal Sculpture, Art Objects, Facet

Minimal Sculpture in Pebble Shape
Minimal Sculpture, Stainless Steel
Minimal Sculpture Art Objects in blue and white ceramic

Minimal Sculpture Art Objects in Ceramic with a Blue Glaze

Metal and Ceramic Rock Sculpture

Rock Art Objects in Stainless Steel and Ceramic

Metal sculpture, abstract rock objects

Metal Sculpture and Art Objects by Alvin Mak

Minimal sculpture art objects, “Facet” series, transforms rocks and pebbles found in nature into minimalist, geometric shapes. Made of stainless steel in a high gloss finish and white glossy ceramic with blue brush strokes. These sculptural objects reflect the diversity of mineralogical composition, and the timeless nature of their predecessor. Arranged in groups, they can create layer and a sense of dialogue among each other, and with the interior itself. A single piece also works for a minimalist, zen style. The size and material can be customized to suit any space. We accept commissions for hotel art projects as well as office and home interior projects.