Metal Wall Sculpture, Art Object, Ripple

Water Ripple Metal Wall Art
"Ripple 13018", Stainless Steel Wall Sculpture
Water ripple metal sculpture

“Ripple 13016″, Water Ripple Metal Sculpture

Stainless Steel Water Sculpture

“Ripple 13011″, Abstract Art Object

Metal Wall sculpture art

“Ripple 13017″ Metal Wall Sculpture Art

After photographing Victoria Harbour over the years, Hong Kong artist Alvin Mak imagined what his series “Victoria Dreaming”, photographs of water reflection and ripples, would be as a three dimensional art object. Through sketching and making 3D models, he studied the patterns of water kinetics. “Ripple” is collection of sculptures for mounting on walls and for displaying on consoles. Inspired by the movement of water ripples, the form is organic and simple but the surface has an illusion of fluidity which creates the feeling of undulating motion.

These sculptures are made in stainless steel with a highly polished, mirror finish. Other finishes are available, please get in touch for more information.Save