Hong Kong Photographer, Urban Abstractions

Hong Kong Photographer Alvin Mak
Hong Kong Photographer Alvin Mak's "Urban Abstractions 14003"
Abstract photograph of a window reflection of Jardine House, Hong Kong

“Jardine House”, Photograph

Motion photograph of Connaught Road, Hong Kong

“Connaught Traffic”, Photograph

Abstract photograph of Hong Kong architecture

“Turbulence of White”, Photograph

Photograph of a tree under a bridge in Hong Kong

“Three Views”, Photograph

Abstract photograph of a pavement in Hong Kong

“Landscape II”, Photograph

Black & white photograph of Chinese characters

“Black & White I”, Photograph

Our abstract photography, titled “Urban Abstractions” progressed from the exploration of our first series “Urban Impressions”. Initially we drew material from street activities and daily life.  “Urban Abstractions’ take a more graphical approach to examine the city. These were our first series as photographers.

“Every place has a unique brand of look and feel. A few tell-tale details often trigger the memory of the larger context. Hong Kong is a special place that contains a concentrated blend of structures from various eras. I am thrilled to see the wide variety of elements. The diversity allows great freedom to tune the tones, texture and composition.” Alvin Mak

Dana recalls her experience while she was out on a shoot, “While working on the blue wall series an old man approached me as I photographed the wall near his outdoor barber shop. He was bemused at first wondering why a wall would draw my attention, but he went on to recall 10 years ago it was painted bright red and before that blue because of the various owners. Now all the colours are covered up by a layer of grey cement. I was drawn by the colours and textures but the association with the old barber and his simple story gave the walls an identity beyond the surface quality. Patchwork repairs, fittings and excoriated surfaces of ripped bills, paint, cement and brick mottle the face of these walls like imprints of time and memory. These imperfections give each wall a character. With the absence of physical human presence in my series I still relate these beautiful walls with the human condition.” Dana Shek

‘Urban Abstractions”, abstract photography of Hong Kong, shifts the emphasis towards the fundamental aesthetics of the urban surroundings in precise detail. Lines of architecture meander across space; their shapes are bent and twisted by glass façades. While their walls shed skin and reveal tree-ring history of undercoats. The series of images are then juxtaposed to assemble a distilled impression of the city.

“Urban Abstractions” by Hong Kong Photographers Dana Shek and Alvin Mak