Hong Kong Artist, Flower Art, Flora Art

Flower art by Hong Kong artist Dana Shek
Hong Kong artist, Dana Shek creates flower prints "Flora 20"
Geometric art print with flowers

“Flora 44″ Mixed Media Print on Paper

Brown and white floral artwork

Flora 45, Mixed Media Print on Canvas

Silver and gold ginko leaves art print

“Flora 40″ Mixed Media Print

Hong Kong artist Dana Shek creates abstract fauna and flower art. “Flora 20″ uses traditional Japanese dye pattern with an oriental, still life setting of orchids and cape gooseberries. This mixed media print is created using Chinese ink techniques, hand drawings and photography. “Flora 44″ and “Flora 45″ takes the organic, natural forms in nature against geometric squares and lines which creates an interesting play on the graphical imagery. “Flora 40″ repeats the silhouette of the ginkgo for an effect similar to the repeat patterns of textile prints. This series was commissioned for the art deco inspired hotel St. Regis, Chengdu in China.