Giclee Print, Giclee Art Print, Still Life Vase

Giclee print of Chinese vase with Chinese patterns
"Vase 08", Still life of vases
Chinese calligraphy and vase still life art

“Vase 13″, Giclee print by Dana Shek

Orange and red art of vases with turkish patterns

“Vase 17″ Still life composition of vessels and vases

Giclee print of a floral vase in green and lime yellow

“Vase 05a” Giclee print

This still life series with the self explanatory title “Vase” is a study of Chinese vases and vessels. Dana groups these together with a play on floral prints, oriental patterns and contemporary colour combinations.

“Vase 17″ was a commission for Shangri-La Hotel in Instanbul. A mixture of Turkish vases with Chinese patterns and Chinese vases with Turkish patterns were used to create a bespoke collection of giclee prints just for this hotel art project.