Geometric Wall Art, Square Art, Geometric

Square artwork
"Geometric 07" by Dana Shek
Geometric Wall Art

Geometric Wall Art “Geometric 05″, Print on Paper

Mixed media geometric artwork

“Geometric 09″ Mixed Media Print on Paper

Flower and square artwork

“Flora 45″ Mixed Media Print on Canvas

Tree and geometric artwork

“By the Tree 22″ Mixed Media Print

Geometric wall art prints on paper and on canvas by Hong Kong artist Dana Shek. The series is based on overlapping squares and rectangles which are created from painting with Chinese ink. The hand painted, geometric forms allows for soft edge which adds a contrast and natural quality to the otherwise hard shaped graphics. The textures are from a collection of hand made papers from China, India and Japan. Each type of paper has its own unique quality and adds an organic, hand made aesthetic to this collection.