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Bloom 12025
Bloom 12025
Orange Gerbera with Floral Pattern

“Bloom 14004″, Floral Art Print

White Chrysanthemum on Teal

“Bloom 12033″, 5 Panel Artwork on Canvas

Bloom 12002 (Orchid).jpg, Mixed Media Photograph, Alvin Mak

“Bloom 12002″, Orchid Floral Art

This floral art series titled “Bloom”, is a study of oriental flowers such as the Orchid and the Chrysanthemum as well as European flowers like the Gerbera and the American Lisianthus. These flowers were observed, photographed and composed with a play on scale, colour and texture. This series sees flora in macro detail, on a one to one scale and as large, over sized flowers.

Above are selected floral art images from the “Bloom” series:

“Bloom 12025″ is a simple and stunning still life photograph of the Chrysanthemum flower in blue and white tones on a duck egg blue background. When displayed in larger than life scale, the artwork becomes ethereal and can create a dramatic statement to an interior setting. The flower is captured with a view to reveal the rich layers of petals and muted colours in an minimal style.

“Bloom 14004″ takes the Gerbera and marries a turquoise floral pattern with a contrasting pop of orange colour over the petals on a dark teal background. The mix of vibrant colours and patterns are the main elements at play.

“Bloom 12033″ is an elegant 5 panel artwork composed of partial views of a pearl white Chrysanthemum, earthy brown foliage and natural textures on a mottled light turquoise background. The colour and hues are subtle in this work, which adds a quiet sophistication to the composition.

“Bloom 12002″, a floral art piece of photographs of layer upon layers of orchid flowers in mottled tones of blue and teal with yellow and black highlights on a white background. This artwork takes inspiration from the classic blue and white ceramics of the Ming dynasty.

“Bloom” by Alvin Mak