Chinese Ink Painting, Art Studio, Ink

Chinese Ink Painting by Hong Kong Art Studio
Chinese Ink Painting by Alvin Mak
Chinese Ink Painting, Red and Gold

Chinkese Ink Painting “Ink 12004″ Mixed Media Print on Canvas

White scholar rock art print on teal background

“Ink 12003″ Contemporary Scholar Rock Art Print

Contemporary Chinese Ink Painting

“Ink 1219″ Contemporary Chinese Ink Painting Printed on Canvas

Modern Ink Painting by Hong Kong artist Alvin Mak

“Ink 12017″ Modern Ink Painting on Paper by Hong Kong artist Alvin Mak

Black & Green Wall Art

“Ink 1231″ Abstract Wall Art on Canvas

Chinese ink painting prints on canvas and paper by Hong Kong artists Alvin Mak & Dana Shek. These contemporary artworks are created from original paintings, hand drawn textures and ink marks which are composed into modern Chinese ink style artworks. We use traditional techniques used in paintings such as dry brush and wet on wet as well as modern forms of mark making such as creating textures with crumpled paper and unconventional objects. We are inspired by the movement and energy of calligraphy, minimalism and the organic forms of scholar rocks. This series, which is simply titled “Ink”, includes the classic black and white ink art, subtle muted tone on tone colours and colourful, contemporary colour block compositions.

Working with a Hong Kong art consultancy, our “Ink 12003″ & “Ink 12004″ were commissioned for the restaurant Ina.