Butterfly Art, Butterfly Wall Art

Blue and gold butterfly print
"Butterfly 14", Butterfly Art Print on Paper
Colourful butterfly art print

“Butterfly 09″, Butterfly Art on Paper

Mixed media butterfly print in orange and yellow colours

“Butterfly 15″, Mixed Media Print


Art print of orange butterflies on a blue background

“Butterfly 12″ Swarm of Butterflies

Butterflies and moths are the sole subject of this series. Their beauty and whimsy has inspired this collection of fine art prints. The butterflies are created using various mediums such as hand drawn marks, photographs of found textures and brush strokes using Chinese ink. These combined layers create a rich, painterly effect over the butterfly wings. The painterly textures are most prominent in “Butterfly 14″ and “Butterfly 15″, the mottled colours are rich against the off white background. The butterfly artwork also lends well to more modern and hip colours like “Butterfly 09″ and “Butterfly 12″ which has saturated, pop art colours. Both colour combinations create different moods.