Artist Hong Kong, Tree Wall Art, By the

Tree Art, Tree Painting, Green, Olive
Artist Hong Kong. "By the Tree 01" Mixed Media Photograph
Minimalist Painting, Ink Painting, Tree Art

Artist Hong Kong. By the Tree 22, Mixed Media Print, by Dana Shek

Pine Tree, Blue, Gold, Circle, Hong Kong Artist

By the Tree 15, Mixed Media Print, Dana Shek

Lake, Pastel, Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media

By the Lake 03, Mixed Media Photograph, Dana Shek

Photographs of trees, lakes and ink drawings of tree silhouettes are the subject of the “By the Tree” and “By the Lake” set of artworks. “By the Tree 01″ is a mixed media print created from photography, watercolour mark making and digital painting. “By the Tree 22″ uses a combination of ink painting, rice paper and handmade paper to compose a minimalist, geometric design with a tree silhouette. “By the Tree 15″ marries contemporary with an Oriental twist, the electric blue pine tree against a bronze, floral patterned background gives it an extra colour pop. “By the Lake 03″ is a pastel and charcoal drawing over a photograph of a traditional lake scene.