Art Deco Art Prints, Chinese Chair, Still Life

Chinese stool and art deco print in purple
"Still Life" Art deco art
Art Deco Art Prints of a Chinese chair and art deco pattern in blue

“Still Life 03″ Art deco art prints on paper

Still life art of a Chinese chair and art deco background

“Still Life 04″ Art Deco Art Print by Dana Shek

These art prints were commissioned for Andaz Hotel in Shanghai, China. It is a boutique style hotel which has balances design elements of contemporary, art deco, and Chinese culture throughout the hotel. The design brief to marry art deco with traditional Chinese elements resulted in this series of prints. Art deco art prints inspired by retro patterns, pop art colours and traditional Chinese furniture such as the iconic horseshoe chair and curved stool. The hip colours and art deco patterns in the background contrasts with the bold, white silhouettes of the Chinese chairs. The strong, graphic imagery has a contemporary and Chinese edge.