Abstract Photographs, Light Painting, Travel By Light

Abstract photographs in fuscia, indio and gold colours
Abstract Photographs "Travel By Light 1428" by Dana Shek
Abstract photographs in black dots

Abstract Photographs “Travel by Light 10020″

Abstract photographs of lights

Abstract Photography “Travel by Light 10005″ by Alvin Mak

Abstract photograph of lights

“Travel by Light 10017″ Mixed Media Photograph, Alvin Mak

Blue and purple abstract photograph

Blue and Purple Abstract Photograph by Dana Shek

Light painting photography is the technique of painting with light. We make light tools for torches and any object that emits light. These tools  act like brushes and while the camera is the canvas. Abstract compositions are created through movement of these light tools to varying musical tempos and rhythms. The resulting effect are a collection of artworks which captures flowing moods from the blissful to the energetic.