Abstract Landscape Art, Abstract Art, Horizon

Mixed media art by Hong Kong artist Alvin Mak
Horizon 13004, Mixed Media Print, Alvin Mak
Abstract Chinese Landscape Art

‘Horizon 13030″, Mixed Media Artwork

Blue Abstract Landscape

“Horizon 13021″, Abstract Landscape

Red abstract landscape art

“Horizon 13011″, Mixed Media Print on Canvas

Black and White Cloud Art

“Horizon 11002″, Cloudscape Artwork

Black and White Striped Landscape Art

“Horizon 14002″, Striped Art on Canvas

“Horizon” series of abstract landscape by Hong Kong artist Alvin Mak.

This series explores the landscape in many various styles from Chinese to contemporary. “Horizon 13004″ is created using hand drawn ink markings and textures which are then digitally composed into a Chinese, abstract landscape. The subtle, warm browns and cool aqua suggest the season turning from autumn to winter.

“Horizon 13011″ also originates from hand made textures and here the series progresses more into contemporary, abstract landscape artworks. The composition is more focused on a play of colour and textures with an implied landscape.

“Horizon 11002″ is an ethereal, floating cloud or mist over land. Many layers of mark makings are overlapped to compose this art. This cloudscape art is in bold, contrasting black and white tones.

“Horizon 14002″, also in monotone, becomes more graphical and uses scale to form a sense of grandness in this abstract landscape.