Hotel Art, Metropolitan Polo Club, China

Hotel Art, Hotel Art
Hotel Art by Urbanimpressions Design Studio

Hotel art can enhance the ambience of an interior and space. Depending on the type of mood, artwork can help set the tone whether you are after something calm, contrasting or complimentary.

Bespoke art for hotel Tianjin Goldin Metropolitan Polo Club, Tianjin, China. Working with a Hong Kong art consultancy, our photographs were commissioned for this art project. The hotel is designed with elegance, a touch of heritage and classical style. The Metropolitan Polo Club Hotel is a grand, architectural statement. The interior is rich with marble and timber crafted in classical decadent style. The Hong Kong art consultant chose colourful, energetic wall art to add a modernness to the stately surroundings. Framed in bold, black frames, our “Travel by Light” contemporary photographs give a colour and textural contrast to the rich finishes while the graphic, linear quality of our compositions balance in harmony to the organic nature of the marble work and wood grains.

With a solid understanding of various art genres, we can propose sculptures and art for hotels, public areas and artwork for hotel rooms. We can work with art consultants and interior designers to develop a unique art proposal or provide a concept inspired by the project itself.