“Papier”, Paper Artist

Butterfly and gourd paper cut art by paper artist Dana Shek.

3D butterflies and gourd paper cut out with a gold mirror background.

Abstract paper cut inspired by Chinese antique vases by Dana Shek. A paper artist from the UK.

Chinese antique vase inspired paper cut with a garden theme.

Minimal floral paper cut with butterflies by UK paper artist Dana Shek.

Minimal floral paper cut with pop up butterflies by paper artist Dana Shek.

“Papier” series by paper artist Dana Shek.

Paper is one of Dana’s favourite materials to work with. It can be manipulated and applied in so many different ways. The vast range of textures, surfaces and colours alone can be a great source of inspiration. Having created paper collages rich in colour and pattern, Dana wanted to create a minimal series working in white and plain colours. She started cutting, folding and experimenting with paper cutting and origami techniques. The paper cut out created interesting surface patterns and details while folding the paper gave the art shadow and depth. Dana went on to design art to be laser cut. She chose to design nature themed compositions to contrast the laser cutting method.