Abstract Sculpture | Loops

"Loop 16009", set of abstract sculptures in red and bronze.

"Loop 16007", colourful abstract sculpture in turquoise.

"Loop 15010", stainless steel sculpture.

"Loop 16001", metal art object on a base.

“Loops”, Abstract Sculpture by Hong Kong artist Alvin Mak.

The “Loop” objects refer to the aesthetics as much as the iterative thought process which evolves each piece into its final form. A loop is imagined, drafted, then erased, redrawn and then modified. A shape of a rock may be formed in the mind; it then melts into a ring of smoke, a bubble ring underwater, or perhaps a ring of mercury floating in space. The abstract sculpture form twists and swirls as it sails through space, resulting in an organic shape that varies along the length, and flows into itself.

Artwork and sculptures can define a space. Even adjusting the size of a sculpture can create an entirely different personality. These sculptures can be commissioned to most sizes, from small to fit on consoles or as a freestanding, large-scale sculpture in a hotel lobby or outdoor setting. Depending on your requirements, we can propose suitable artwork for your project. These abstract sculptures are made from stainless steel with a glossy mirror finish. A brushed, matte finish is also available. The colourful, abstract sculptures can be made from stainless steel or fibreglass.