Urbanimpressions is a professional art and design studio established in 2005 by Dana Shek and Alvin Mak. We are a Hong Kong-based company offering art consultancy, creative and art production services for hospitality, corporate and residential projects. Our studio creates custom artwork in a broad range of genres, styles, and mediums. This allows us to quickly get on board with the design brief and art direction. We work closely with the client and design team to fulfil the art brief, budget, and timeline.

We have managed art programs and produced artworks for numerous 5-star hotel projects in Hong Kong, China, Japan, Asia and worldwide locations. We are a unique team of art consultants and working artists. The combination of management and artistic skills allows a direct, creative and practical dialogue. This facilitates a fluid art project from concept stage to final production.

With over 13 years experience in the industry, our studio has worked with various property developers, hotel groups, art consultants and interior designers. We create our own inspired concepts for the art program and work equally well on a design brief provided to us. Budget and schedule are actively monitored to ensure quality and delivery. Our fusion of project expertise and creative abilities provide a solid artwork service.

Feel free to contact us at info@urbanimpressions.hk to discuss our art consultancy, creative and art production services. We look forward to helping with your artwork needs.